Which Lodge Logic Cast Iron Should You Use?

If you’ve been following along, you probably realize that I like my Lodge Logic cast iron skillet. While it works great for me, it may not be the best piece for whatever your needs may be. So, I wanted to take a look at some of the other Lodge products to help you choose which one is right for you.

lodge logic cast iron skillet list

Let’s start with a recap of what I use, the skillet. There are many different skillet sizes to choose from. In inches, you can get a 6.5, 8, 10.25, or 12 Lodge Logic cast iron skillet…OH! And the large 15.25 inch skillet as well. I have the 12 and find it is about the right size. The only time I feel like it is a little too small is when I’m trying to cook 6 pieces of bacon.

I checked out the Lodge Logic cast iron skillet reviews on Amazon.com before getting my skillet. A majority of the reviews are 5 stars. Some of the 1 star reviews mention problems with uneven heating and cracking, but I haven’t had those problems with mine…and hopefully I won’t have them at all.

If you feel like getting a little extra fancy you can also find the Lodge signature cast iron skillet. As far as I can find, it only comes in the 12″ version and only available online. The difference between normal Lodge and the signature version is that the signature version comes with stainless steel handles that are riveted to the product. That means a cooler grip while cooking, and a little flash and flair on your cookware.

lodge logic cast iron griddle

If you’re only planning on making pancakes or are planning to go crazy with grilled cheese sandwiches, you might just need a griddle. Lodge makes a round 10.5″ griddle with a .5″ lip, and a square 12″ griddle with a slightly deeper lip of .75″. There is what I consider to be a better option, but I want to cover grills first.

lodge logic cast iron grill

As you may have guessed or experienced, seasoning cast iron doesn’t always guarantee a 100% nonstick surface. Food can still stick, making the process of cleaning cast iron a little more troublesome. Lodge cast iron grills have the raised lines on the bottom to not only leave classic grill marks in your chicken or meat, but allow fat to drip out and have minimal contact with the food. With all that hot fat and oil rolling around, you’re going to be adding to your seasoning barrier, but you’ll also need the bigger lip.

You can find Lodge grills in the 10″ range in both square and round. They also make a larger 12″ square grill with a shorter lip.


lodge logic rectangular grill and griddle pan

Now THIS is what I use. Two great products in one! When it is chicken for dinner, and I’m cooking for more than just myself, the grill side is perfect. And the griddle side is great for grilled cheese sandwiches (I prefer a flat surface for those), pancakes, and french toast.

This combo grill and griddle fits almost perfectly across two burners on my stove which, I feel, speeds up my preheat time.

lodge logic hibachi grill

Technically, you wouldn’t have this guy going in the kitchen, but I wanted to make note of it as we slowly work our way out of winter and into spring. Really, I have no experience with this grill. I don’t even know if you would season it like you would season a cast iron skillet. It just seemed like a good, solid outdoor grill. And since it is cast iron you could take advantage of the slow cool time and have something to warm your hands on during those days when the nights cool of a little faster than expected.

Also technically, any of these cast iron items could be used out of doors on an open fire. But, let’s get back in the kitchen.

lodge logic cast iron dutch oven

And for the last of the more normal items. What’s left? Soups, stews, chilis and roasts…in the main cast iron dutch oven Lodge offers. A 5 quart cast iron dutch oven. But, like the cast iron skillet the dutch oven also comes in a signature edition with stainless steel handles. The only difference being that the signature dutch oven is a larger 7 quart size.

Now, those are the “normal” items. And by that I simply mean the items that have multiple uses. There are also a few other items that I thought would be good to mention.

lodge logic cast iron grill press

This little item can’t really be used without one of the others, or at least without some other cookware. The lodge logic cast iron grill press simply sits on top of your food while it is cooking to keep the heat in, keep it flat, etc.

lodge logic cornbread skillet

One main dish that seems to be popular among cast iron users is cornbread. I’ve never made cornbread in my skillet, but I’ve seen various recipes specifically for it. The lodge logic cornbread skillet lets you make your cornbread in pre-divided wedges. That way each piece of cornbread gets extra crust.

There are other cast iron products out there, but these are the main ones that you should be thinking about and comparing to your lifestyle.

Cook away!