My Review of The Weber 6511001 Genesis E-310 Home Gas Grill

Weber 6511001 Genesis E-310 Home Gas GrillWeber has made quite a name for themselves in the world of barbecue, and they’re one of the few companies who can afford to advertise nationally with a televised campaign. For many people, they are the undisputed kings of barbecue that provide you value and cooking power in one package. In a strange way, this makes it even more difficult to finally settle on one single barbecue that you bring into your backyard and home. The fact is Weber has so many great products in their line that you might not be able to decide which one to purchase. But if you have a budget of around $700, and you’re looking for a straightforward grill that will be in your backyard for years to come, then the Weber 6511001 Genesis E-310 is a great choice. There are barbecues that are cheaper and definitely ones that are more expensive, but this one is the perfect selection for a mid to high range budget.

One of the things to love about this grill is it combines size and cooking power perfectly to give you everything you want to feed your family. In fact, there is enough overall cooking space that you can feed to families (plural) if you wanted to. That makes it a perfect party machine that will allow you to invite your neighbors over for a great summer meal. You can accommodate large groups of people with a bit of organization and careful planning for each element that ends up on the grill. And remember, Weber grills are not just about intense power or temperature, they also allow you to incorporate a good degree of precision into your barbecue routine.

There are separate butane burners that line the bottom of the Weber 6511001 Genesis E-310 and each one has its own individual control. That means you can have one end of the grill running at a different temperature than the other. This will allow you to cook various elements at the same time, and you’ll really love the addition of a back warming rack that will keep everything piping hot until ready to serve. And it’s not just about direct grilling, you’ll love the ability to close the heavy lid and effectively read your own outdoor oven that can be used for entire roasts. Imagine how great it would be to cook a whole barbecue chicken or racks of ribs – you’ll never have to go to a restaurant again to get these classic barbecue dishes!

One common feature found with all of Weber gas grills ( are flavor bars that are located alongside the burners. These effectively trap and evaporate fat trappings which will give you a double dose of taste in to the food cooking above. It’s really a simplistic idea that is implemented to perfection, and the results all end up in more flavor for you. And thanks to a handy sear station you can ensure that you get that crispy first to layer on your food while retaining all of the yummy juice inside. A one touch ignition system is also a welcome addition that is much faster than a traditional charcoal grill, and you can be up and running within minutes of turning your grill on. In the end, not everyone is looking to spend this much money on a backyard barbecue but if you are a true fan of authentic grilled food, this is a safe bet that gives you the added confidence of a Weber quality all the way.

Curious about going from box to burn? I found this video with not just one man’s opinion on this grill, but a time-lapse version of his assembly process.