Mix It Up In Pyrex Mixing Bowls

pyrex mixing bowls

I’d be very surprised if you haven’t heard of Pyrex bowls. My grandmothers both had them, my mother has them, I have them. I consider them some of the best mixing bowls for a few reasons.

First off, they’re durable. Made from a soda lime composition, the glass Pyrex cookware, bakeware, and mixing bowls can take a lot of heat. Although, Pyrex does offer many safety tips because their products aren’t completely immune to thermal shock. Here are four tips to cooking safely with Pyrex:

– Preheat your oven to the desired temperature before putting in Pyrex
– Place hot Pyrex glassware on a dry towel after cooking is complete
– Add liquid to the cookware if cooking meat or vegetables
– Never put Pyrex glassware directly on the burner or in the broiler

Follow those simple instructions and you avoid the major factors that lead to breaking via thermal shock. If you want a little more info on those rules, see the video below.

I realize that those rules are more important for the Pyrex glass bakeware than the mixing bowls, but they are important enough to make note of.

Another thing I like about Pyrex glass mixing bowls is that I can see through them. Sometimes when I’m mixing in a hurry it will look like I’m done, but there will be a small chunk of unmixed flour at the bottom. With glass Pyrex mixing bowls I can see that flour trying to hide from me and take care of the problem.

Because they’re glass, they are also extremely resistant to stains and odors. It is nice to be able to have a completely clean mixing bowl each and every time I go to use them.

There is even a newer line of pyrex tear shaped mixing bowls that have a round side that is still good for mixing against, and a pointed side that makes pouring smoother and easier.

Some other things I like aren’t necessarily exclusive to Pyrex by any means, but it doesn’t hurt that these options are there. I use a mixing set of Pyrex nesting bowls, so they all store away nicely. And, they are Pyrex bowls with lids, so I can use them for storage too. You might not want to use one multi piece mixing bowl set as diversely as I do. Don’t worry. There are other options.

pyrex 10 piece storage set

If you’re read any of my other articles you probably are catching on to the idea that I’m trying to get rid of petroleum products in my kitchen. We have enough plastic being generated daily on this planet. With Pyrex glass storage containers I get a more durable product that will be reusable for longer, and that doesn’t have the possibility of leeching into any soups or liquids I might microwave in them. Yes, it is handy to have “disposable” plastic containers, but pyrex food storage containers are much more earth friendly.

I don’t think I’ve ever lived in a house or apartment that hasn’t had a Pyrex measuring cup set. I’m not talking about the smaller type of measuring cups (1/8 cup – 1 cup), but a stacking set of Pyrex measuring cups with a 2, 4, and 8 cup sizes. As I said, Pyrex has been around in my life since I can remember. They go a long way back.

antique pyrex mixing bowls

Since it is such a durable product, you can still find plenty of vintage pyrex mixing bowls still in existence today. A little history may be needed.

The idea for Pyrex was created when the wife of a scientist at Corning Glass Works was flustered with her cookware. She knew that the glass her husband worked with was strong and got him to create a glass piece of cookware for her. It has been around since 1915, and some of those old pyrex mixing bowls are still around today.

Although World Kitchen purchased Pyrex from Corning Incorporated, they still use the same formula and still manufacture Pyrex in the USA.

pyrex colored mixing bowls

At some point in the 1940s you could find colored Pyrex mixing bowls on the market. These were very popular, and the primary color set is the one I remember from my childhood.

You can still find many pieces from these sets today, although there is a higher likelihood that the extra large mixing bowl will be missing. Over time, the bigger the bowl, the more susceptible it is to breaking.

Pyrex doesn’t offer any colored glassware currently. You CAN find pyrex mixing bowls with LIDS that are different colors, but just the lids.

Whatever the option, mixing, baking, measuring…Pyrex is my choice for getting the job done.