How to Make Coffee Taste Good at Home

Everyone wants to drink good coffee – and it isn’t as hard as it seems. Day after day you fork a few dollars over a counter to get your coffee, but did you know you could be making the same coffee at home. Yes, you could, well – you could actually be making it better at home, if only you had the right coffee gadgets in your kitchen.

A Conical Burr Grinder

All the professionals in the specialty coffee community agree: you can’t have good coffee without having a grinder that properly crushes the whole beans into grounds for the right extraction. What kind of grinder do you need?

You need a conical burr grinder.

hario skerton hand coffee grinderThese are not expensive, and an investment in one will last a lifetime. The one I recommend above all others is the Hario Skerton hand grinder. We use one in a lot of our exploits at Project Vvlgar and it has never failed us. Not to mention, it is dishwasher safe, the burrs are made of ceramic, and the entire thing is very easy to take apart and clean, or put together for more use in the kitchen.

A Brewing Method Other Than a Drip Coffee Maker

Yet again, at Project Vvlgar we highly recommend trying pour over coffee with any number of apparatuses.

hario v60 ceramic coffee dripperOur personal favorite is the Hario v60 ceramic dripper. The first time that we ever used it the brew came out perfectly, I personally use it any time that I want to make a cup of coffee without brewing a whole pot at a time. If you are drinking a single cup of coffee by yourself there is no better way to drink it than from a pour over extraction.

It is simple, the ceramic dripper can be purchased for under $20, and even a lot of espresso bars and cafes are starting to offer it to their customers because of the phenomenal taste associated with this method.

It Really Is That Simple

Making fantastic coffee at home isn’t difficult, it isn’t complicated, and it isn’t expensive. You need a grinder with conical burrs and a brewing method other than a drip coffee maker. Once you’ve acquired these simple appliances your coffee drinking experiences will reach an entirely new level.