Find the Best Cast Iron Skillet For You

We’ve already taken a general look at cast iron cookware seasoning and how it applies to cast iron cookware in general, and the enamel cast iron cookware of Le Creuset and Staub, but I wanted to get a little more specific with some of the other cast iron brands out in the market.

lodge logic cast iron cookware

Although I’ve already covered the Lodge cast iron pan, it is definitely one of the top cast iron brands and worth re-mentioning. It is also the brand I personally use at home. My Lodge Logic skillet has been with me through a fair share of bacon, scallops, and chicken at this point, and it is doing just fine.

Lodge was founded in 1896 and has carried on quite well since then. Cast iron is so durable, if maintained properly that there some pieces of Lodge cast iron that are over 100 years old and still being used today.

You can find a 12 inch Lodge cast iron skillet for around $30.

Oddly enough, Lodge is the main known manufacturer of non-enamel cast iron cookware. You can find Griswold cast iron cookware or Wagner-ware on sites selling used items, but those brands have been gone since the 1950s.

And surely you might come across cheap cast iron cookware in random stores across the nation, but if you’re looking for a quality cast iron pancake griddle it will probably be Lodge or have a famous chef’s name attached to it like Emeril cast iron cookware.

celebrity cast iron cookware

Emeril cast iron is…well, cast iron cookware. I haven’t personally used it, but I’ve seen it in stores and it doesn’t look all that different from other brands. As with most of the “famous person” brands of cookware, you could find a normal cast iron skillet or an enamel cast iron skillet in the collection.

Pretty much though, it is a product manufactured so that a celebrity’s name can drive extra sales. The same goes for Rachael Ray cast iron cookware, except I think she only has an enamel cast iron cookware line.

enamel cast iron cookware

And then you have the more expensive enamel brands like Chasseur cast iron or Le Creuset.

Enamel cast iron, sometimes listed as porcelain or ceramic cast iron cookware, seals the cast iron with enamel instead of layers of oil and grease from cooking. This saves you the need to season your cast iron, and gives you an opportunity to add a color besides black to your kitchen.

common cast iron cookware questions

I can answer one common cast iron skillet question for sure, but the rest of the common questions are best answered by yourself. Everyone has different tastes and preferences.

Can a cast iron skillet go in the oven?

This I can answer easily. Yes. Unless you managed to find an odd set of cast iron cookware with wooden handles, cast iron can handle pretty high temperatures. You have to put it in the oven at 250-350 degrees F just to season it!

The rest of the questions I will give my preference on and try to answer why.

What is the best cast iron skillet brand?

Like I mentioned earlier, I think Lodge has the best cast iron griddle. They say that their mould is created with precision so that the entire piece of cookware is the same thickness. I haven’t measured it myself, but it seems to be true.

I think they’re the best cookware to buy because they’ve been in “the game” longer, the cookware is affordable, and I don’t mind seasoning the cookware as opposed to paying more for an enamel cookware. If money wasn’t an object for me, I would go with enamel Le Creuset cookware.

What is the best size cast iron skillet?

I prefer the 12 inch cast iron skillet. It isn’t a huge 15 inch skillet, but it is big enough to cook bacon in.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Do you already have cast iron that is NOT Lodge? What do you like about it and why?