5 Cool Kitchen Gadgets That Make Great Gifts

One thing that has been passed down generation to generation is the ideal that we show appreciation in the form of gifts. Whether you like someone, are invited to a wedding, or are about to take part in a job mandated company-wide secret Santa party, chances are you will end up buying a gift for someone at some point in your life.

I looked into a few things only focusing on what I thought would be cool gifts for friends. So, budget-wise, these are all across the board.


If you know someone who drinks soda, this is a fantastic gift. I like the SodaStream not just because it is different, but because it is environmentally friendly. That’s right. I like Earth.

SodaStream lets you take a reusable bottle, fill it with your own water, add CO2, and mix in the soda flavor of your choice! The full info is in the video below, but here are my favorites:

Reusable Bottles: this should be enough of a reason. We have enough plastic bottles in the world as it is.
Multiple Flavors: They have a lot to choose from. It takes me back to the days of getting “graveyard” snow cones (a little of each flavor).
No High-Fructose Corn Syrup: Take that, corn!

The lowest priced model is the SodaStream Fountain Jet Seltzer Starter Kit. It sells for around $79.95 and comes with 60L worth of CO2, a reusable bottle, and a small assortment of syrups. Just enough to get your gift recipient started.

Keurig single cup coffee brewer

Keurig brewers have been around for awhile now, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a cool electronic gift. If any of you are looking for items to put together in honeymoon gift baskets, this is a great option. Since it brews by the cup, the happy new couple will each be able to enjoy their favorite drink without brewing a full pot.

Another good thing about the Keurig brewers being out for a few years is that there is an almost absurd amount of flavors out there. And not just coffee. Tea, hot cocoa, apple cider, and iced drinks.

Similar to the SodaStream, the cheapest model is the Mr. Coffee Brewing System – KG1 for $79.95.


I didn’t really think about this as I was looking into these five items, but apparently I like caffeine.

Nespresso brand espresso (please, tell me you don’t say “expresso”) makers use technology similar to that of the Keurig coffee brewers. The Nespresso coffee capsules are smaller, but the process is just as easy. There are also multiple flavors available, like Keurig, but only 16 in total at this time.

Most of the Nespresso models are designed to provide quick and easy espresso, but some of the higher end models come with steamed milk capabilities for making mochas.

Admittedly, the Nespresso is on the high-end, starting around $190. Whether you’re looking for cool electronic gadgets for men or electronic gift ideas for women, everybody drinks something sometime. Hopefully one of these top three work for you.

Ready to get away from caffeinated beverages?

Microplane herb mill

I have just enough space outside to set up a few planters and grow my own herbs. Throughout the summer they’ve been growing like crazy and getting them finely diced for meals was taking more time than I liked.

I saw the Microplane Herb Mill in the store and decided I knew just the right person for this gift…me. It is best described as pepper mill meets flour sifter meets ominous fan blades on any given sci-fi spaceship. Just put the herbs in and rotate back and forth while the dual set of toothy blades dices them quickly.

If you’re looking for kitchen gift basket ideas this is perfect. Farely new on the market, and it starts at just around $20. Perfect for someone you like, but don’t “$190 Nespresso machine” like.

BonJour’s Chef’s Crème Brûlée Torch

Number five on the list is the perfect add-in to any cooking gift basket. Cooking is pretty much taking food and adding heat. Combine science and caveman and you get the Bonjour Chef’s Crème Brûlée Torch.

Is it great for crème brûlée? Yes. It is in the name.

Can it be used for other stuff? Of course! Anything that needs to be melted or toasted can be done while looking, well, awesome.

At $30, still a decent gift while being affordable as well.

There are plenty more cool electronic kitchen gadgets out there, so stay tuned!